Your business journey

What to Expect

With business coaching you can expect to move closer to your goals, thanks to a fresh pair of eyes and an independent person keeping you on track.

Breaking the ice

An informal meeting to make sure we have good chemistry – you’ll be seeing a lot of me, so please take the opportunity to check that you like my approach!


It takes a great deal of digging and diagnostics but in a nutshell, exploring your company allows John to pinpoint the gap between your goals and your current reality.


Strategy and planning will give you clear advice and direction to close that gap. Whether that be systems to help you maintain control or inspiration for your next steps. John will also act as a strong advocate for your business.


There will come a time when you’ve met your original goals. At this point, John can leave you to it, continue at your side with refreshed goals, or continue to offer support on an ad-hoc basis.

John has the practical, real world experience to lift your company towards greater opportunity.

John's Other Services

Business Diagnostics

When you started your business, you dared to dream. You probably had a vision of what you wanted to achieve and a plan on how to get there.

Over time, it is easy for the day to day tasks to get in the way and just running the business can become your reality.

Our business diagnostics service can help you to cut through the day to day workload and revive your dreams.

Analysis Tool

Using a sophisticated business analysis tool, we will work closely with you to assess critical areas of your business. 

The information you provide will allow us to conduct a high-level diagnostic review of your current strategic position and overall operational performance.

Based on the diagnostic review, we will help you identify exactly what needs to be done in your business to reach your goals. 

Together we will develop key action steps and a project plan with timelines and resources to make it happen.

Ensuring that the work gets done is the most crucial stage in the process. We bring discipline and expertise in rolling out the specific action steps required for each challenge, and our approach to implementation and monitoring is issue-based, workplan driven, and output oriented. 

We also believe in a high degree of two-way communication throughout the process

To ensure you stay on track, our Ongoing Monitoring and Implementation services include developing and monitoring a project workplan.  This will allow you to drive the implementation of the plans to ensure the benefits are realised. 


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